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3 Reasons Carpets Are Trending Again

Carpeting Trends

Carpeting has always been the way to go for soft, luxurious, warm and comfortable floor coverings. However, in the past few decades they have taken a back seat to hard surface flooring options in the popularity contest. But carpeting is back and it is bold and beautiful and has more benefits than ever before.

1. Super Absorbent

Of course carpet fibers are ideal for soaking up liquids and spills but they also absorb sound, soften falls and minimize footfall impact. This is ideal to provide a quieter environment in modern homes where architecture and decor can tend to create echoes and intensify sound. It's also great for city living where residents are often forced to share one or more walls with their neighbors in apartments or other types of co-joined residences.

2. Cleaning

One of the main reasons that carpets became unpopular was for hygiene reasons and let's face it, they are difficult to keep clean and maintain. However, new textiles like polypropylene carpets can be safely bleached to keep them clean, sanitized and remove stains.

Modern carpet cleaning techniques like encapsulation and steam cleaning are also more sophisticated and are designed to allow carpets to dry quicker and stay cleaner for longer. Advanced vacuum cleaners with state of the art filtration systems are ideal for keeping carpets free of dust and microorganisms right down into the under layers of the carpet.

3. Versatility in Design

No flooring is quite as versatile as carpeting. Different materials provide a variety of textures from soft and fluffy to hard and durable - or somewhere in between. The carpet pile also provides a number of different options and there simply is not limit to the colors or patterns to choose from.

New and advanced carpeting manufacturing processes also allow for newer, modern designs that weren't available in the past. Technology applied to carpeting textiles has also provided ranges that make carpeting suitable for just about any type of environment. There are a wide range of carpeting trends that are currently popular to choose from. Grey and blue tones are trending as is layering where area carpets, rugs and runners are placed over wall to wall carpeting to add an extra touch of luxury.

Don't simply discount carpet as a flooring option for the same old reasons and speak to your local flooring and carpeting store specialist near me to see if there is a make and design that will suit your needs.