3 Ways that Dirty Carpets Can Harm Your Health

If you think you have a clean carpet, you better think again.

While most of the harmful contaminants may not seem apparent to the naked eye, their effects may be more noticeable. Dirt, dust mite droppings, mold spores, bacteria, allergens and pathogens all inhabit your carpet fibers and without a proper cleaning can expose you and your visitors and residents to health conditions.

Here are the three major health hazards that are presented by an uncared for carpet that has not been thoroughly cleaned.

Danger #1: Weak Immune System

The immune system in the body fights endlessly to keep the various health threats in our environment from taking over the body and making us very sick. However, if you are also living in an unclean environment you can add stress to an already tired immune system. As you are exposed to higher quantities of health hazards from dirty carpets, the chances of contracting a major health issue increases as well.

One of the most notorious villains inhabiting the fibrous structures of your carpets are called mycotoxins. These are made up of a variety of molds and can have an impact on the health, Overexposure to mycotoxins can cause a variety of health issues including respiratory problems, stomach infections and allergies.

Danger #2: Skin Problems

Dirty carpets can also cause problems to the skin as they carry irritants and the stuff of fungal attacks too. You can contract and transmit athlete’s foot by walking on a dirty carpet – especially done so with wet feet.

Danger # 3: Respiratory Problems

Mold can live quite happily in the deep warm and often moist fibers of a carpet and they can produce a wealth of allergens and pollutants from these sequestered locations. As these get too populous they are easily kicked into the air with passing feet. Then these airborne allergens can be sucked into the lungs and trachea where they can cause irritations and infections.

Dust mites also inhabit the subsections of your carpet where they use the abundance of favorable elements to create an attractive breeding ground. Mite sheddings and feces make up a good portion of the dust you find in your carpet and this is especially bad for the health when it is inhaled. Airborne contaminants like this can also cause eye and ear irritations

Keep your Carpets Clean

The only way to keep your carpets from becoming a breeding ground for disease and infection is to provide them with a proper cleaning regularly.

Naturally, you will want to vacuum your carpets no less than once a week. But, if you have a carpet that sees a lot of traffic or in a location inhabited by pets or children, you will need something a little more effective.

Many times a simple vacuuming will not be enough to keep back the high-levels of filth that your carpet can attract. This is where you will want to call in professional carpet cleaning services near you to ensure that your carpets are cleaned well.

Remember that your carpet is much more than a floor covering, it is an important element of what makes your home comfortable and livable. Don’t allow it to become a health hazard.

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