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Different Carpet Styles That Make Small Rooms Look Larger

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If your Minneapolis home presents itself with small living spaces, you may think that it does not matter what type of flooring you choose; however, this is the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, selecting the correct carpet style can make a room seem much larger than it is instead of having it feel like it is closing in on you. This is done using visual illusions or tricks, some of which are discussed below.

1. Selecting The Carpet Pattern

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Busy carpet patterns require a high amount of visual processing. When in a smaller room, the visual activity within the brain can make the room feel smaller than it is. By utilizing an unobtrusive or neutral pattern as a carpet pattern, it is possible to reduce the high-stimuli visual activity. This tone-on-tone option features subtle shading that is not too busy and will not distract from other feature in the room.

Another ideal carpet pattern option for smaller rooms is a structured-grid, cut-loop pattern. This pattern merely involves the selective cutting of the loops of the carpet without changing color. The texture changes will result in a visual interest that increases the size of the small space.

2. Selecting The Carpeting Style

Evidence has shown that subdued Berber carpets are highly beneficial options for smaller rooms. The Berber carpet is one that blends seamlessly with walls and furnishings to create the illusion of a larger area. These carpets work well in smaller living spaces that receive a large amount of foot traffic.

Another carpet style that is beneficial in small areas is the plush, textured carpet. Also known as the cut-and-pile option, this plush carpeting can be used throughout a home and is often seen in the bedrooms. By using the same type of carpeting throughout a property, it is possible to make your Minnesota house seem larger and more coordinated.

3. Selecting The Carpeting Colors

Once you have selected the correct carpeting style for each of the rooms in your MN home, it is time to opt for a certain color. Smaller rooms would benefit from neutral or lighter colors. Light colors do not soak the light from the room and reflect it instead; thereby, resulting in the smaller area appearing to be larger. Selecting a carpet that matches the paint or wallpapering can also assist in making a room feel larger. Lighter shades of blue or green are relaxing and ideal for small bedrooms. The living spaces can benefit from neutral tones such as beige or sandstone.

4. Carpet Installation Tricks

When performing a carpet installation in a small room, it is important that one blends the seams into the walls to make the room look larger. Seams in the flooring can cause a division between the wall and floor space; however, seamless carpet installation makes the flooring surface appear to be one full unit without any divisions. Professional Minneapolis installers can assist in choosing the most appropriate amount of seams to use in the room. Once the new carpet is in place, keep objects on the floor to a minimum and show as much of the carpet as possible. A minimalist approach can assist in making the room appear larger.