How Much Does It Cost For Professional Carpet Cleaning In Your Area?

Carpet cleaning has an average cost of $25-$70 per room or $0.25 per square foot of carpeting, with most homeowners paying an estimated $50 per room. You can expect to pay around $175 on an average-sized three-bedroom house, while a bigger home will cost $300 to $600 to clean the carpets. Get free estimates on carpeting cleaning in your area.

Prices of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning companies have a tendency to charge based either per room or on the square footage of your home's carpet. For an average-sized three-bedroom house, the cost of cleaning your carpets will be around $175, while a bigger house will cost $300 to $600 to clean your carpets. Typically, carpet cleaner charge extra to move furniture. Therefore, to keep the coss down, homeowners should move big pieces of furniture and objects themselves.

Additional Carpet Cleaning Expenses

There are some carpet cleaning companies that charge extra for carpets that are more heavily soiled, but they may be willing to offer a discounted price on deep cleaning that is needed if the entire home is done. For 1,000 square feet of heavily soiled carpet, a reasonable price is about $190.

There are some companies that might try a bait and switch on you by adding extra charges for halls and entryways after they have provided you with a quote based on a per room price. You might prefer choosing a cleaning service that charges on a square foot basis to get an upfront price and to avoid hidden charges.

- Odor removal and pet stains - These stains can be removed by professional carpet cleaners. They will pretreat odors and heavy stains before the major cleaning work starts. If your pets continue relieving themselves in these areas, you might need to replace the carpet pads that are underneath, and that can cost as much as $300.

- Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning - Using the hot water extraction method can help to remove plenty of grime and dirt from your furniture. That cost starts at $50.

- Stairs Cleaning - This may be an extra charge. We have seen extra charges being as low as $2 per stair.

- Water Damage - Make sure that the company you hire is IICRC-certified as a restoration and cleaning expert. That will help to ensure that no water is retained in water-damaged furniture and carpet after it cleaned. Water damage should always be immediately addressed before it seeps into and past the carpet pad.

- Furniture Removal and Moving - Some of the carpet that needs to be cleaned will probably not be covered by big pieces of furniture, such as the traffic areas. Therefore, large pieces of furniture will not need to be moved. If you do have furniture or other objects to be moved like a pano, you can expect to pay $20 or more per hour.

- Teflon Treatment - A water- and stain-resistant coating can be added to your carpet. That places a barrier in between any solid or liquid spills and the carpet fibers. This provides a window of time of 15-20 minutes to blot the liquid up. Teflon treatment costs $20 or more and it is also included free sometimes.

- Wicking - This can happen with stains that seep into the carpet pad. Wicking can show up one or two days after drying. This refers to a dark spot that reoccurs from a dark stain that rises up through the carpet pad and carpeting to the carpet fiber surface. When this takes place, the carpet cleaning might need to return and re-clean the spot. Make sure the service provider offers a cleaning warranty that can use to take care of it. Many companies offer warranties that last from a couple of days up to one month.

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