How To Prepare Your Carpets For Professional Cleaning

Carpet is among the most commonly used materials on floors and provides added comfort to living rooms and bedrooms. The fibers in your carpet over time can wear down due to spills and high traffic. If you have made the decision to hire professional carpet cleaners to come out to your house, there are several essential steps you should take to prepare your home for professional carpet cleaning.

Vacuum Your Floors

Although carpet cleaning professionals will clean your carpets thoroughly including removing any stains or dirt, you still need to vacuum up any debris, pet hair, and crumbs that are present before the carpet cleaners come out to your house. Vacuuming your carpet in advance will enable the professional carpet cleaners to more thoroughly clean your carpets by eliminating dirt that is lodged deep in the carpet's fibers. You also need to wipe down your baseboard and dust your house to prevent it from becoming dirty again after your carpets have been professionally cleaned.

Write Down Areas You Are Concerned About

Most houses have areas of high traffic and areas where there have been spills or stains that appear more run down than other parts of your home. Write down any areas that you are concerned about that will need extra attention so that your carpet cleaners know which places they need to focus more time on cleaning. Show the cleaners the areas where they need to focus their efforts to make sure your carpet is restored once again to its original condition and looks brand new again after the cleaning services have been provided. As a reminder, you could put some blue tape in the areas that you feel need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Move Your Furniture

Your professional carpet cleaners will ask you to move your furniture to make sure the professionals can clean your floods and won't need to work around coffee tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture. If there is any furniture that is too big to move out of a room, you may want to push them against a wall so they will be out of the way as much as possible. Consider lighter pieces of furniture into your kitchen or garage where the carpet cleaning professional will not need to access. Small pieces of furniture, belongings, toys, and other forms of clutters need to be removed as well so the professional will able to work efficiently without needing to clear away objects that are in their way.

You also need to lift the drapes or curtains off of your floods so they don't get caught up in the carpet cleaning equipment. Place a hangar on your curtain rods so that you can secure the fabric and keep it off of your carpets. This will also help to prevent any dyes in the fabric from staining your carpet while it is damp from the cleaning process.

Provide a Parking Area

Some carpet cleaners will show up to your house in a heavy-duty truck with lots of equipment that needs to be unpacked. Be sure to provide a place for them to park at your house so they can get everything inside your house easily. Move your cars that are parked in front of your house or let the cleaners know they can park in the driveway. They will also need to be able to park close to your house so make sure they are able to run hoses into your home and keep them connect to their truck.

Remove Any Breakable Belongings

Most likely you have many different objects in your house that are fragile and may easily break. As they are cleaning your carpets, professional carpet cleaners need to move around a lot and could accidentally bump into picture frames or vases. Removing fragile items will help to prevent them from being damaged or broken while there are workers inside your house. Keep these items in an area or room that is away from where the carpeting cleaning will be conducted.

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