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How To Revitalize Your Carpets

carpet cleaning minneapolisCarpets are one of the best flooring solutions for homeowners or business managers who want to make a statement with their space. Carpeting is an extremely cost-effective option compared to hardwood flooring as it is an excellent insulator that reduces energy costs. Carpets can be one of the most beautiful flooring options available on the market if properly maintained and cared for. Like any other flooring surface, the best way to maintain the beauty of carpets is to keep them clean and have them professionally cleaned regularly. As the saying goes - 'a little care goes a long way'.


To keep carpets looking their best it is important to frequently vacuum them to remove dust, dirt, and any other debris that gets lodged in the fibers of the carpet before they can become deeply embedded. In addition, regular deep cleaning will take care of deeply ingrained dirt, pollution from cooking oils in the air, and dirt trodden in from outside. Accumulated oils and dirt on carpets can drastically affect the look of the carpet over time as well as pose a health risk. If not prevented, wear marks will appear on the most walked on areas where the pile has been worn down.

To avoid these problems you should have a regular deep cleaning service every 18 months or so that specifically targets the dirt caused by cooking oils and air pollution that gets trapped between the fibers of the carpet. Depending on the foot traffic, we recommend placing walk-off mats at the main entryways to reduce the amount of dirt tracked in and to rearrange the furniture periodically to prevent wear marks.

Tips For Keeping Your Carpets Clean

A few simple things can help keep your carpets clean and fresh and avoid signs of premature wear and tear.

- the first and most important step you can take is to vacuum the carpets daily or at least once a week to get rid of surface dust and dirt before it becomes embedded.
- place walk-off mats at all main entryways and heavy foot traffic areas to prevent a large amount of dirt and mud from being dislodged onto the carpets.
- Move heavy furniture around a couple of times per year to prevent permanent divot marks from forming. Even moving furniture an inch or two will make the difference needed to avoid divot marks.

When To Replace Your Carpets

There are a few signs that may indicate it is time to replace your carpets. When there are serious signs of wear in the main walking areas, discoloration, or holes developing, it is time to redo your carpeting. Carpeting is a faily reasonably priced flooring option which makes it easy to try out a new look for your space.