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Picking Out Pet Friendly Carpet

Best Carpeting for Dog and Cat Accidents

Pets are terrific companions to us and can bring us no end of joy, but the idea of them defacing our carpets with claws and pet accidents like urine,pet friendly carpet near me can make us cringe. Many people may be led to just skip the carpeting idea altogether.

Thanks to the accomplishments made in the carpeting industry in the last few years, the carpets coming out of productions lines today can withstand the most destructive attacks from cat’s claws and big dogs.

We have a wide variety of pet proof options which can all withstand the worst attempts of dogs, cats or even griffins. But if you are still looking for the softness and warmth of carpeting, this article is for you.

So, without further fluff, here is what you need to know about pet-proof carpeting options.

1. Pet-Proof Strength and all the Style Options Too

If you thought that a pet proof carpet will come only unexciting Battleship Gray, you are mistaken. You can enjoy a great many color and style options that will match the decor of the home down to, cut pile patterns, trendy frieze or thick plush. The most important feature that a pet proof carpet needs is the loop-less design that won’t catch on their claws. Durability, and easy cleaning are two other important options.

Some of the best brands in stain management include Stainmaster®, R2X® Protection and Scotchgard™ 3M. These products can add a protective barrier that makes cleaning easier and inhibits the build ups of odors from various “accidents”.

Look for special logos that indicate pet proofing and moisture sealing products when you are shopping for Carpets. If you are shopping online, you can find a sales rep who can indicate which products have this mark.

2. Comfort is King

Whether you love cats, dogs or pot-bellied pigs, think about the reason we have carpets in our homes -- comfort. You can imagine your pets will spend just as much time as you will be lying about on this carpet, so choose a fiber that offers you the support and comfort you are looking for - a face weight of 30 ounces or higher will give you the softest feel. Nylon and polyester fibers are the best choices.

Nylon is the most expensive option of the two and generally has more life but polyester as the very best stain fighting properties. The best idea from our perspective will be to select the best option for your budget, there will be plenty of messes regardless.

Step Three: Be Prepared

Your dog may not remember to wipe their paws before dashing through the living room, and the cats can sometimes forget the true purpose of the litter box. If the alchemy of cats, dogs and carpets is untied, there will be plenty of cleansing needed to keep the conditions of the carpet optimal. You will want to have some odor-inhibiting agents like baking soda, as well as white vinegar and a good vacuum. These considerably gentle cleansers will eliminate the odors and mess without compromising the conditions of the fabric -- which is good because cleaning will need to be done regularly.

The Bottom Line

No matter the type of flooring options you choose, if you have a pet you will need to be cleaning up repeatedly. While carpets can be attractive and comfortable, it can be a bit tougher to maintain with pets in the house. Always check out carpet sales near you and if they include pet friendly options.