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Smelly Carpets and Carpets Cleaning

carpet cleaner minneapolisHave you ever been in a place that exudes a smelly musty odor kind of like the forest floor after rain, but not so fresh and clean? Imagine having a guest over to your house and presenting them with such and objectionable smell? One of the most common causes for fetid interiors are carpets that have not been cleaned properly, or been soaked by flooding and never fully dried.

When Water Damage Strikes

A fast reaction is the order of duty when it comes to addressing the threat of water damage. Water damage can be cause by a leaky pipe, major spill, an overflowing bathtub or something more serious. If the water damages has soaked into your carpets, only professional attention will ensure that you do not have a problem brewing right under your feet. Mold damage can work very quickly so it’s important to apply a timely reaction.

Mold spores are everywhere and too small to be seen. It only takes mold spores 24 to 48 hours to flourish into a budding mold colony. Other than a supply of moisture, molds will attach themselves to any porous surface and begin to propagate more molds. Pretty soon, you will find the blackened molds across your walls, floors and insulation.

Mold Is Dangerous, Even When Hidden

By the time the mold presence can be detected in the air, as a dank musty smell, the mold problem has already grown extensive. If you suspect that you might have a mold problem brewing in your home, you should seek the help of a professional mold testing professional. Mold will only grow where it has access to a fairly stable supply of water. If your carpet has been recently moistened and not dried completely, it makes the perfect home for molds.

In most cases, mold will be discovered after it colonizes, and by then its growth is pretty rapid. If you suspect you have mold, you should call a mold expert to check it out. Whether it's water damage certified technician, a home inspector or mold testing company. The mold usually grows where water damage hit, or where high humidity is found. If water leaked on your carpet - that's where the mold will start growing.

If your carpets have been flooded, they can still be protected from a mold attack by following the instructions blow. If the incident has already occurred and you didn’t get all of these steps done, assume the worst. It’s not a good thing to have a mold population festering beneath your carpets and floors.

Steps to prevent mold after water damage:

• Address water supplies –– the best way to address olds is to cut off their water supply and let them dry out. If your home has a leaky pipe or a leaky roof this will need to be addressed before you can hope to ward off the mold invasions. Once you are sure that no more water will be entering the home, you can begin working on getting the escaped water out of your carpets and floors.

• Extract the water – the longer the water has a chance to soak into the carpets the worse the damage will be in the short and long term. Smaller amount of water can be blotted with a dry towel. In the case of very large flooding, it will be necessary to get professional help from a water removal company.

• Dry it up. Fast! –if you have a set of fans, or you have access to a business that rents drying fans, this is a good thing to use. Furthermore, you could call up our reputable services to help as well. Whether the water is contaminated or not, it is essential that all the water has been properly removed to avoid any future problems. Dehumidifiers can also help by lowering the humidity levels around the house.

• Steam clean everything you can – steam cleaning is an excellent defense against water damage and moisture. There are professionals with proper equipment who can show up at your home or commercial location for this valuable service. The sooner you call in the professionals the better for your carpet.

• Sanitize the affected area – If you hire professionals, you won’t have to worry about doing this yourself. Otherwise, you can make a simple cleaning solution to sanitize the affected area. There are many different carpet cleaning solutions recipes online. Always be very careful and try your solution on a small corner of the carpet where any discoloration will not be noticed. If your cleaning agent proves suitable here, go ahead and use it on the affected area.

We'll Make Sure the Mold Is Gone

Mold is not a small problem and there is always more to the problem than meets the eye. If you have done your best to rid yourself of the mold problem, but it persists, or you just want to get it right from the very start, we are here to help. Don’t forget that a mold presence poses a very real health threat to you and your loved ones. Get your mold remediated as soon as possible. Give us a call.