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There are many myths about carpet cleaning

carpet cleaner minneapolisEverybody is familiar with myths passed down from generation one to the next. Many myths surround carpet cleaning. We will discuss some myths about carpet cleaning.

Myths about Carpet Cleaning

1. My Carpet Will Get Shrunk by Carpet Cleaning

It is believed that carpet cleaning will cause shrinkage. A professional carpet cleaner will be able to tell you exactly what to do to clean your carpets.

2. Carpets don’t have to be replaced.

Many people think that new carpets don’t need to be maintained for long periods of time. Even if your carpet is brand new, it should be cleaned at least once every 12 months. Carpets are often covered in dirt and grime that can eventually cause damage to your home’s air quality.

3. You Only Need to Clean Stain Carpets

Many people think that stained carpets are the only ones that need to be cleaned. Your carpet may need to be cleaned, even if it is not stained. Carpet dirt and grime can hide from the naked eye, so it is hard to see a lot of it. Professionals should clean your carpet at least once a year.

4. I have a cleaner at home

You will not be able to effectively clean your carpets with the many home cleaning products that are available. They will not clean your carpets effectively, even if they loosen the stain and debris. Inside Homes Cleaning will inspect your carpet and provide you with a quote for a professional cleaning.

5. I will use the cheapest cleaner

The old saying goes that you get what your pay for. You will be worse off than you were when you start carpet cleaning. For the best results, you should be willing to spend a little more on carpet cleaning.

6. Carpet Cleaning Can Damage It

It is quite the opposite. Your carpet can become brittle and faded if it is left unattended. Regular cleaning can preserve your carpet.

7. Carpet cleaning is not necessary to remove dirt.

Many people believe that carpet cleaning is only necessary to remove dirt. Your carpet may contain bacteria, fungus and other dirt.

8. Steaming your carpet will cause mold growth

A professional carpet cleaner will take care of any mold concerns. Professional carpet cleaners will know how to properly clean your carpet and will also have commercial grade drying equipment to dry it quickly. This will prevent mold growth. You could still experience it if it were done by you, but it is not possible when you hire professionals.

9. Carpets will remain wet for a long time afterward

Although your carpet may be slightly damp after cleaning, it will not remain wet for several hours.

10. Dry Cleaning is Better than Steam Cleaning

Because it is proven to be both effective and reliable, steam cleaning is the best method to clean carpet manufacturers. Dry cleaning is effective, but it only cleans the surface of carpets.