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Tips For Preparing To Have New Carpet Installed

carpet installation mnOnce you choose your new carpeting, the next step is to start preparing your home. To make the job easier for the carpet installers, take as much as you can out of the room. This not only includes the furniture but also any decorative accessories or old flooring. The tips below will help you be as prepared as possible to have new carpet installed.

Take The Furniture Out Of The Room

Take as much furniture as you can out of the room where the carpet is being installed. Doing this job yourself will help keep the installers from having to move the furniture, which can save them a lot of time. Since they can start on the installation process immediately, you can get your new carpet laid a lot faster. If you have trouble with any of the bigger pieces of furniture in the room, make sure to let the installation team know ahead of time. That way, they can include extra time for moving the furniture in the installation appointment.

Take Out Any Decorative Accessories

Along with the furniture, you should also take any artwork or other decorative accessories out of the room. Installing carpet can be dirty work that results in a lot of dust and grime. The installation process itself also causes a lot of vibrations and can be quite noisy. Between the dust and the vibrations, any photos or art left in the room can easily become damaged. Imagine how devastating it would be if your favorite piece of art fell off of the wall as a result of the vibrations. Large pieces of art could even wind up causing injuries to the team installing the carpeting. The easiest way to avoid any problems is by removing these items ahead of time.

Get Rid Of Old Flooring

To cut the installation time down even further, consider taking out the old flooring before the installation appointment. For old carpet, that means pulling it up off of the floor. Don't worry about pulling all of the carpet nails. You can also leave the carpet pad, assuming that it is still in good shape. Based on their evaluation, the installers can then either install the carpet over your existing pad or put a new pad down, depending on the condition of the current pad.

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