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What’s The Best Method of Cleaning your Carpets?

We are asked quite frequently what the best method of cleaning a carpet is for someone who has allergies.

There are two major forms of carpet cleaning that are in use today: steam and chemical cleaning. There is still an ongoing debate about which the better of the two is and proponents on both sides make some compelling arguments. Our suggestion is that you make the best decision for your needs after carefully considering both options and comparing them to the expectations you have.

Steam Cleaning

Also called “deep cleaning” steam cleaning is the only method that has been found to remove a full 97% of the dirt and bacteria contained in your carpet. It is also the only method that has been observed to reach down dep into the lowest level of your carpet, the “pile”, and remove the stash of contaminants hidden here. This makes it the best way for addressing those ground in and stamped in stains.

Of course, the capacity to reach and clean deep is only one consideration when choosing the best carpet cleaning methods. Because stem cleaning involves the use of superheated water, it can take a lot longer to dry.

Depending on the performance of the extraction equipment they have, the steam cleaning method can take as long as 45 minutes to a few hours to fully dry. It is not uncommon for the carpet to still be dry the next day. If you will want to have access to your room soon, we suggest that you consider an alternative cleaning method.

Chemical Cleaning

As you can guess from the name, chemical cleaning uses a specially designed chemical solution that will reach deep into the carpet fibers and release the contaminants in a foaming action that also brings them to the surface where they can be collected easily. These are also called “dry solutions” but it is not exactly accurate.

They are not completely dry, but they do require much less water than the steam cleaning option and this makes them dry faster.

As with steam cleaning, the chemical cleaning options comes with some specific caveats. For example, while they do clean deep, the chemical cleaning solution does not reach as deeply as the steam cleaning option. Which can mean that some contaminants are still left in the carpet. Another issue is that the chemical process itself can leave some traces of chemicals in the carpet fibers which are best not inhaled by you, your kids, your guest or your pets.

Be sure to ask what chemicals they are going to use and what traces will be left in your carpets. If you are especially concerned about the exposure to chemicals, it’s probably best that you use the steam cleaning option.

In the end, the method you choose should align to your goals and expectations in your cleaning project. If you are more concerned about the price, you will also want to consider this in your decision making process as well.

Either way, if you work with a reliable cleaner, you are sure to get a great value service. One of the best ways to find a suitable carpet cleaner will be to ask your friends and relatives for advice from the services they have found.

Remember that your carpet is one of the most important factors in creating a clean and fresh environment. This is as important to the home setting as it is to the commercial location or office. Talk to others who have carpets like yours and ask how they keep them in good conditions, you may find the best solution to your needs.

This is the best way to find the carpet services you need.