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Why Padding Is Important When It Comes To New Carpeting

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Padding is one of those important elements for all types of carpet installations. While you might be more interested in choosing the surface layers for your next flooring project, choosing high-quality and durable padding is just as important when it comes to the overall installation process of a new carpet. Many of the carpeting companies provide several types of padding and binding materials which are designed in such a way to match up to the different carpet styles. Here is more information that highlights why padding for your new floors is so important.

1. Improved Density

Carpet padding provides a density layer underneath the new carpeting installation. When you choose padding which provides enough density, you are assured that the completed installation of your carpets is protected when it comes to furniture, foot traffic along with other common types of wear-and-tear. If the padding is too thin, it will not be dense enough in order to protect your carpets, This could result in excessive wear and marks. It will also mean that your carpets will wear down a lot faster.

2. Stain Absorption

Carpet padding also performs the role of absorbing and soaking up stains that occur from accidental spills. Regardless of whether you have knocked over a glass of red wine or you spilled your coffee, the right choice in padding will soak up these types of stains, which makes it easier to eliminate the stain. If you are worried about stains that cause odors such as pet urine, ask the carpeting installer about the padding which is designed specifically for odor control and stains.

3. Improved Comfort

Your carpets will also feel more comfortable and softer underfoot when you have chosen to use a padding material of good quality. Without this padding you will be walking over a layer that is thin between the floor underneath and your carpets. To ensure a luxurious, fluffy, and soft texture, make sure you have chosen a high-density, and comfortable pad.